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Paid for by Reed for Judge

 Jeffery Moehn, Treasurer


Dear Citizens of Calumet County:

            I am excited to announce my candidacy for the newly-created judge position for Calumet County.  We have had an unmet need for two judges for years to address our growing county.  Like the rest of the state, we are experiencing a drug epidemic that we cannot ignore.  A second judge will allow Calumet County to finally create a treatment court to face this epidemic head-on, keep our communities safe and save tax payers in the process.  This will be my mission as judge.


           One of the first jobs of the new judge will be to set up a treatment court.  The legislature created this position with this need in mind.  Our jails cannot handle the increased need from drugs and drug addiction.  The offenders keep coming back and the cost of repeated prosecution and incarceration is growing daily.  That cost is passed on to each citizen of Calumet County. Counties throughout our state have developed successful treatment courts that address addiction and reduce the cost associated with repeat offenders. 

           As a Guardian ad Litem, I work directly with children and families who are affected by drug addiction.  The common drugs we see affecting families are methamphetamines, heroin and abuse of prescription drugs.  This addiction does not discriminate; it affects males, females and the rich as well as the poor.  Without treatment courts, drug addicts, many of them parents, slip through the cracks of the legal system and go right back into their addiction.  This failure to address drug addiction has come at a high cost to every citizen in Calumet County.

          Calumet County cannot afford to go without treatment courts, and thanks to this new judicial bench, we no longer have to.  I work daily with drug addiction cases in my practice, I have seen the success of treatment courts in surrounding counties and I am committed to bringing that success to Calumet County.  As judge, that will be my top priority.

I look forward to serving Calumet County as its new Judge!

Very truly yours,


Carey J. Reed





The Honorable Teresa S. Basiliere (Winnebago)

The Honorable James T. Bayorgeon (Outagamie retired)

The Honorable Vincent R. Biskupic (Outagamie)

The Honorable Vicki L. Clussman (Waupaca)

The Honorable John A. Des Jardins (Outagamie)

The Honorable Robert P. Dewane (Manitowoc)

The Honorable Dee R. Dyer (Outagamie retired)

The Honorable Harold V. Froehlich (Outagamie, retired)

The Honorable Jeffrey S. Froehlich (Calumet)

The Honorable Gregory B. Gill, Jr. (Outagamie)
The Honorable Raymond S. Huber (Waupaca)

 The Honorable John A. Jorgensen (Winnebago)
The Honorable Emily I. Lonergan (Outagamie)
The Honorable Philip M. Kirk (Waupaca retired)

The Honorable Nancy J. Krueger (Outagamie retired)

The Honorable Mark J. McGinnis (Outagamie)

The Honorable Troy L. Nielsen (Waupaca)

The Honorable Carrie A. Schneider (Outagamie)

The Honorable Mark G. Schroeder (newly appointed, Outagamie)

The Honorable Joseph Troy (Outagamie retired)

The Honorable Scott C. Woldt (Winnebago)

The Honorable John P. Zakowski (Brown)

Court Commissioners:

The Honorable Mark R. Fremgen (Dane)

Clerks of Court:

Barb Bocik (Outagamie)

Connie Daun (Calumet)

Melissa Pingle (Winnebago)

Barb VanAkkeren (Calumet - retired)

Law Enforcement:

Chief Daniel Albedyll (Chilton PD, retired)

Bart Barrington (Outagamie Co. Sheriff's Deputy)

Tom De Troye (Plymouth PD, retired)

Christopher Hammon (Outagamie Co. Sheriff's Deputy)

Jeffrey Hebl (former Police Captain New Holstein, current Mayor New Holstein)

Steven Johannes (Calumet Co. Sheriff's)

Robert Momberg (Kaukauna PD)

Rachel Miller (Outagamie Co. Sheriff's Deputy)

Kyle Peotter (Winnebago Co. Sheriff's Deputy)

Jason Severson (Fox Crossing PD)

Chief Larry Seipel (Chilton PD, retired)

Lt. Jay Steinke (Appleton PD, retired)

Fire Department:

Joseph Gurholt (Potter)

Mark Kuckenbecker (Brillion)

Doug Schoen (Potter)

Rob Schoen (Potter)

Board Members:

Ed Kleckner (Calumet County District 9)

"I endorse Attorney Carey J. Reed to be the next judge in Calumet County because he has the integrity and proper disposition to be a judge." ~ The Honorable Jeffrey S. Froehlich, Calumet County Circuit Court 

"I met Carey Reed through the practice of law, as we are both attorneys practicing in the Fox Cities and surrounding areas.  I have found Carey to be honest, fair, and ethical.  He exhibits good moral character and has integrity.  These qualities make him an excellent choice for judge."  ~Attorney Angela F. Boelter, Appleton, Wisconsin


Michelle Angell

Robert Bachman
Michael Bendel  
Angela Boelter 
Brian Beisenstein
Robert Bellin

Melody Buchinger
Anastasia Burkham
Brian Bushaw

Katherine M. Canadeo
Thomas Chalchoff 
Heather Claringbole 

Daniel Clausz
John Claypool

Mark DesRochers

Kathleen Diedrich 
Kevin Eisman

Rachel Fitzgerald 

Stephen Fozard 

Patrick D. Furman
Douglas Fyfe
Gregory Gill, Sr.

Matthew Goldin
William Hammett 
Paula Hamer
Benjamin Haupt

Timothy A. Hawley
Kathleen Healy
Meghan Healy 
Eric Hendrickson 
Brian Hodgkiss 
Alan Hoff 
Daniel Hoff, Sr.

Susan Holloway

Jeffrey Hynes

Gary Jahn
Edmund Jelinski 
Genelle Johnson

Chadwick Kaehne

Joseph D. Kaufman
Heather Kavanaugh

David Keck

Julius Kim
Robin Koch 
Kelly Kelly

Ryan Lee

Jayme Lehman

Craig Mares 
Franz Maurer 
Amy Matuszak
Ellen Matyas

Pamela McAvoy

Amy Menzel

Trista Moffat

Kevin Musolf 
Elizabeth Nevit 
Jeffrey T. Oswald

Nicholas J.B. Pasquale

Trevor Pedersen

James R. Phelan

Melissa Pingel
Eric Pitsch 
James Pitz

Katelyn Quigley

Renee Read

Yadira Rein

Tony J. Renning

Jon Richards

Katherine Seifert

Jolene Schneider

John Schomisch

Sara Stertz

Brandt Swardenski

Michelle Swardenski

Jennifer F. Thompson

Ron Tusler

Mark Tyczkowski

Robin Veternick

Brian Williams

Thomas Wilson

Corporation Counsel:

David G. Been, Assistant Corp. Counsel - Waupaca

Traycee England, Assistance Corp. Counsel - Outagamie

Kyle J. Sargent, Deputy Corp. Counsel - Outagamie

District Attorneys:

Michael Balskus (Assistant D.A. - Winnebago Co., Retired)

Nicholas W. Bolz (Assistant D.A. - Waupaca)

Christian A. Gossett (District Attorney - Winnebago)

David Rashid (Assistant D.A. - Winnebago)

Chuck Stertz (Assistant D.A. - Outagamie)

I'm so honored to have the following people supporting my candidacy:

"Attorney Carey J. Reed has the integrity, legal experience, passion and leadership skills to be an excellent judge.  Carey's calm and balanced demeanor combined with his common sense and solid legal reasoning enables him to resolve challenging and emotional  legal disputes in a manner that is fair and best for the litigants.  He is an honest and trustworthy professional who treats all people with dignity and respect.  For these reasons, I endorse Carey Reed to be Calumet County Judge." ~ The Honorable Mark J. McGinnis, Outagamie Circuit Court Branch 1

"I have known Attorney Carey J. Reed for years, both as opposing counsel and in his capacity as Guardian ad Litem serving the best interests of minor children.  Attorney Reed knows how to apply the law and explain it in a way that resonates with attorneys, clients, and court officials.  Importantly, he does his job in a way that shows compassion towards all parties involved.  Although we often find ourselves on opposite sides of our cases together, Attorney Reed always approaches everyone with respect and honesty.  I am proud to support Carey J. Reed for Calumet County Judge."  ~ Attorney Amy L. Matuszak, Appleton, Wisconsin

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Attorney Reed for many years as both an advocate in my court, as well as a Guardian ad Litem.  In my experience, Attorney Reed has always been well prepared and has expressed an excellent understanding of the law.  More importantly, Attorney Reed displays compassion and understanding for people, which are quintessential qualities for any judicial official.  While Attorney Reed has been successful in private practice, it is a testament to his character that he is seeking to leave the private world to make a difference as a public servant.  It is for these reasons, I am pleased to express my support of Attorney Reed for Calumet County Circuit Court Judge." ~ The Honorable Gregory B. Gill, Jr., Outagamie Circuit Court Branch 4

"I have known Carey Reed for over 20 years.  We have handled legal matters together, both as opposing counsel to each other as well as cases in which our interests were aligned.  In either situation, he has always been professional and well-prepared to advocate for his clients.  He has practiced in many diverse areas including criminal, family, contracts, personal injury, employment, and workers compensation, just to name those that I am aware of!  This is invaluable experience in performing the duties of a judge, as he understands that court hearings involve individuals who are often dealing with traumatic issues and may be at a low point in their lives.  He has always been even-tempered and empathetic to all sides.  This will make him an excellent choice to serve as a Calumet County Circuit Court Judge." ~Attorney David G. Been, Waupaca County Assistant Corporation Counsel

"I have known Carey Reed as a colleague for approximately 25 years.  I unequivocally endorse Mr. Reed to serve as Circuit Court Judge for Calumet County.  Mr. Reed's years of practice make him well qualified to handle all cases assigned to him including criminal cases, family law cases, and civil proceedings.  Without a doubt, Mr. Reed has the demeanor, integrity, experience, and professionalism to be an excellent Judge.  He is the most skilled and experienced candidate to serve Calumet County."  ~Attorney William J. Hammett, Neenah, Wisconsin

"Carey Reed and I go back more than a dozen years, having practiced law closely - collaborating together on some cases and on opposite sides.  He and I have hiked some beautiful Midwestern settings and share not only a love for the great outdoors, but also a passion for justice with fairness for all.  Carey is honest, bright, balanced, tenacious, experienced and desires to see peoples' conflicts resolved efficiently, peaceably, and fairly.  He will make a great judge - tough when he needs to be, compassionate when he should be and always ready to make hard decisions in the right way with his conscience as his compass.  I whole-heartedly support Carey as the next judge for the people of Calumet County." ~ Attorney David Rashid

"I have had the pleasure of practicing law alongside Attorney Reed for the past 20 years, both in representing opposing parties, and acting as co-counsel for mutual clients.  Regardless of our relative position on any case, I can count on Carey to be a zealous advocate for his client, always prepared to provide the very best service.  Carey has always proven to be a kind, fair and compassionate attorney, focused on ensuring each client the opportunity to be treated fairly before the law.  I am eager to endorse Carey’s candidacy for Judge.  His extensive and widely varied legal background makes him uniquely qualified to serve Calumet County.  He will make an outstanding Judge." ~ Attorney Brian Hodgkiss, Appleton, Wisconsin

"Family court is a divisive, often acrimonious setting and a difficult arena in which to work. Carey Reed does not get bogged down with petty sniping, win-at-all-costs gamesmanship, and the other negative attributes often associated with this area of the law. As an attorney who has worked against attorney Reed in all manner of family court actions, I have found him to always be result-oriented, fair, and above all, compassionate. I have no doubt he will bring all those attributes to the Calumet County Bench. I cannot think of an attorney more suited to assume such a role." ~ Attorney Brian Joseph Bushaw (Past Chair—Family Law Section, State Bar of Wisconsin), Appleton, Wisconsin

"I have know Carey Reed as a colleague for over 16 years. I have worked on and consulted on various cases together during that time and have found him unquestionably qualified to handle a variety of types of cases. I wholeheartedly endorse Carey Reed to serve as Circuit Court Judge for Calumet County. Without a doubt, Mr. Reed has the judicial demeanor, professional integrity, experience, and exceptional legal skills to be an asset on the bench." ~ Attorney Brian Williams, Waupaca, Wisconsin

"Carey Reed has been a professional colleague of mine for the past 16 years.  We have been both allies and adversaries in multiple cases.  Few other attorneys have achieved his level of experience and judgement.  Few other attorneys are as trusted by their peers.  No other attorney would be better suited for a Judgeship in Calumet County."  ~ Attorney Edmund Jelinski, Menasha, Wisconsin

"I am fortunate to know Carey Reed as both a friend and a mentor. In my years of practicing with Carey, he has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to ethics, he is a fair and passionate legal advocate, and an honest and intelligent Guardian ad Litem—the consummate professional. He is a true leader in our legal community with vast experience in various legal areas, and I admire him greatly. Undoubtedly, Carey Reed is well-equipped to serve as an effective and fair Judge in Calumet County." ~ Attorney Heather M. Claringbole, Appleton, Wisconsin.

“Carey Reed is just the type of person we need on the bench as a judge!  I have known Carey for 25 years and always know that when he is on the other side of a case, he will act professionally at all times.  I have also trusted him to fill in for me in cases when I have been unable to get to a hearing.  I do not put this kind of trust in just anyone.  Carey has always been an attorney I can trust.  The work he has done over his career makes him very qualified to serve as a judge.  He has handled criminal cases, family cases, employment-related cases, business disputes, and many other types of cases.  Even more important than his vast legal experience, however, is Carey’s personality.  It takes a special kind of person to serve as a judge.  The ability to be a good judge is not something you learn in law school or by practicing law for many years.  A judge needs to be able to listen to all sides in a dispute and make sure everyone involved knows they were truly heard by the judge.  This requires patience and strength as a person.  Carey Reed has these qualities.  He has the experience AND the personality needed to be an excellent judge.” ~Attorney Elizabeth Nevitt, Neenah, Wisconsin

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